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Accessible for hotel guests:

Accessible for day guests:

Closed for day guests:

  • Restaurants & bar/lounge
  • Spa area
  • Fitness area

Seminars can still be held in compliance
with the applicable protective measures.

From Sunday, February 7 from 4:00 p.m.
until and including Wednesday, March 3, 2021

the hotel will be completely closed.

Consultations and Checks

Many people wish for a healthier lifestyle, but usually fail to meet the challenge to implement the necessary changes into everyday life. Therefore measures for a healthier lifestyle should be effective and efficient. Thanks to modern infrastructure and qualified skilled personnel, the Deltaspa has the expertise, to offer preventive medical check-ups. Health- and performance checks form the basis for effective health management and help to identify risk factors at an early stage.

Mann springt über Schlucht von Stein zu Stein

Checks for health management, training and rehab after injuries


Body composition analysis | CHF 75.-

A detailed analysis of the fat, muscle and water distribution in the body enables our specialists to optimally adjust your personal nutrition and exercise regimes.

Personel stress test | CHF 75.-

A short-term resting EEG provides a risk screening of the funtionality of the heard and determines the individual, vegetative stress level.

Analyse stability, symmetry & sensorimotor funktion | CHF 75.-

This simple test analyses stability, symmetry and sensorimotor function


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