Rental station

Active outdoor sports!

Rental of stand-up paddles, kayaks, canoes, motorboats by Kayak-Point


Opening hours rental station


may- september
Monday- Sunday: 8.00 a.m.- 8.00 p.m.

october- april
Monday- Saturday: 9.00 a.m.- 6.00 p.m.
Sunday: rental possible with advance registration

Tel: +41 78 859 52 20



Rental of stand-up paddles and kayaks

Coziness on the lake!
The minimum age for rent is 16 years or you are accompanied by an adult. The prices include an adjustable paddle, introduction, explanation and a leash (connecting line). Life jackets / children's life jackets are given away free of charge.

SUP and 1-Person Kayak may- september october- april
1 hour CHF 30.- CHF 60.-
2 hours CHF 40.- CHF 70.-
3 hours CHF 50.- CHF 90.-
4 hours CHF 60.- CHF 110.-
Canoe may- september
1 hour CHF 50.-
4 hours CHF 80.-
one day CHF 160.-

Swimming skills are required. A life jacket is mandatory to wear. In the low season, due to water temperature, a dry suite is mandatory. Insurance is responsibility of the participant.

Rental of tandem and propeller kayaks

The minimum age for rental is 16 years or you are accompanied by an adult. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory and included in the price.

Tandem Kayak
Propeller Kayak
may- september october- april
1 hour CHF 40.- CHF 100.-
2 hours CHF 55.- CHF 110.-
3-4 hours CHF 70.- CHF 140.-
5-8 hours CHF 85.- CHF 160.-

Motor boat & rowing boat

The motor boat Saver 520 open can be driven without a driving licence, after detailed instructions.

Motor boat 1-6 people
1 hour CHF 120.-
2 hours CHF 200.-
3 hours CHF 260.-
1 day CHF 450.-
Rowing boat 1-5 people
Per hour CHF 30.-

Paddeling tours and courses

Adventure tours:
On lake Thun, the largest lake located in one canton. Surrounded by mountains, fascinating landscapes and historical buildings.Explore together with us different places according to your wishes. During the tour, you will learn many historcal backgrounds.

Prices 4-6 people  
90 minutes CHF 60.-
120 minutes CHF 80.-
180 minutes CHF 110.-

Beginner Courses:
In this course, you will be introduced to the sport of kayaking. The aim of the course is to learn the paddeling technique and to get safety in the kayak on the water.
Course Durration: min. 2 hours, including 90 minutes on the water.
Price per person  
1 person CHF 170.-
2 people CHF 140.-/ person
3 people CHF 120.-/ person
4 people CHF 110.-/ person
from 5 people CHF 100.-/ person

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