Framework programs

Deltapark Partner für Seminare

Team building activities

Supplementary courses offered:

• Strength & Power (functional training)
• Yoga lesson
• Outdoor Nordic Walking
• Quick Business Make-Up

30 minutes per activity for up to 25 persons, CHF 250.00 (flat rate)

Our partner companies Tanja Frieden and Absolut Outdoor & Events GmbH also offer interesting modules in team building or coaching & mental training. We would be pleased to provide more information and pricing upon request.

Culinary programs

Kitchen workshop | CHF 35.00 per person
You and your team can make your own stuffed pasta or Thai spring rolls under the expert guidance of one of our chefs - and of course enjoy the fruits of your labours with a delicious aperetif afterwards.

Cocktail Workshop | CHF 45.00 per person
Shaken or stirred? Our bar experts will show you how to prepare a variety of well-known bar classics. Tasting included, of course!

60-90 minutes per workshop for up to 15 persons
Kitchen or Cocktail workshop combined: CHF 75.00 per person | maximum 2 hours

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