Ecology and climate

Hotels and resorts need a lot of energy to operate! The Deltapark has implemented the latest technology to reduce the use of precious resources. Already during the construction of the resort in 2016, care was taken to work wherever possible with local construction companies, thus reducing transportation distances and increasing the use of local building materials. A construction method with renewable pre-insulated wooden elements was also chosen.

The following is an excerpt of our efforts to operate our resort in a sustainable manner:

The roofs of the parking garage, the “Sporthaus” and parts of the delta houses produce electricity. Approximately 10% of our annual usage is produced in this way. A large part of the electricity purchased elsewhere stems from renewable power sources (hydro power, solar power, biogas).

Heat recovery
Ventilation systems, tumble dryers and heating systems are equipped with a heat recovery system. The recycled heat is used to bring our warm water tanks to a temperature of up to 40° Celsius without having to rely on outside power sources.

Central ventilation system in the rooms
In order to reduce heat loss in the cold season, the guest rooms are equipped with comfort ventilation. Tempered fresh outside air is brought into all rooms in this way – windows do not have to be opened to bring in fresh air.

Wood pellet heating instead of oil
With the construction of the Deltapark in 2016 a new heating distribution was installed on the site with modern insulation. Pellet heating replaced the previous oil burners and is supported by a modern and efficient gas heating system for the coldest days of the year with higher heat demand.

Load balancing
In order to avoid peak consumption of electrical energy, a load balancing system ensures high power demand machinery in the hotel is "throttled" if necessary.

LED lighting
Practically all light bulbs in the hotel are LED or fluorescent lamps of the latest generation.

Electric lawn mowers
Nearly 10 of these little helpers are now cruising the Deltapark lawns. Cutting the grass in our 90000m2 property has caused a lot of noise in the past and consumed a lot of fuel. Today almost the entire area is "grazed" quietly and reliably by our electric MIMIs, the mowing robots.

Pretty flowers and bio-gas from food leftovers
All kitchen waste is processed on our company compost and reused on the premises, for example in our flower garden; food leftovers are shredded into the bio-storage system, sealed airtight and delivered approx. every three months to a biogas plant. The compact storage enables us to reduce transports to the biogas plant to a minimum.

Climate during the hot season
In summer our guests increasingly demand air-conditioned rooms. We partly comply with this wish but are of the opinion that a fully air-conditioned hotel in the alps is neither healthy nor energetically sensible. Our meeting rooms, part of the massage treatment rooms, the superior guest rooms, junior suites and lake villas are actively cooled during the hot season. In all other rooms and public hotel areas we rely on good insulation, floor cooling, pre-cooling of the ventilation and blinds on the side facing the sun. In this way we achieve comfortable room temperatures with minimal energy waste.